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Is Unbounce the right platform for you?

Whenever you are looking for a website builder, it is important to know the features and benefits of each one. If you’re new to website building, you may be wondering what software is best for your business. So, Unbounce is one of the most popular tools that can help you build an effective landing page in minutes.

There are many different types of website builders available on the market today. Some are free while others cost an arm and leg. We have reviewed and tied different landing page builders together. The first thing we look at when reviewing a website builder is how easy or difficult it is to use. So, finally, we come with Unbounce review 2021 which will give you all the information about this tool. Marketing teams can easily create beautiful websites without any coding knowledge. It has a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly design their own web pages. There are several other reasons why people choose Unbounce as their landing page builder. 

So, In this article, we will discuss some key points related to Unbounce review 2021. In short, we will tell you everything you need to know about Unbounce. This includes its pricing, features, pros, cons, customer support, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Without any further ado, let us get started!

What Is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a web-based landing page creator that allows users to create professional landing pages within seconds. You can convert more leads into sales by creating high converting landing pages using Unbounce. The landing page builder offers templates, themes, and prebuilt layouts that allow users to save time and effort.

It is SaaS (Software as a Service) based platform that helps marketers to create responsive landing pages. It also provides analytics and conversion tracking. Moreover, it is extremely simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. Marketing campaigns can now manage multiple landing pages from one dashboard.

So, any business owner can easily set up a campaign and track results. They can even add dynamic content like videos, images, and forms. Also, they can integrate social media plugins to increase conversions with this marketing tool. Now that we have discussed what Unbounce is, let us move forward and learn about its features.

Unbounce Features Overview

If you are looking for a marketing tool to boost your sales, convert more leads, and generate traffic, then Unbounce is the right choice for you. Then, here are some of the features that make Unbounce stand out among other website builders.

1. Landing Page Builder 

The is a famous landing page platform that allows users to create stunning landing pages in just a few clicks. With this feature, you can create various kinds of landing pages including opt-in forms, lead magnets, popups, countdown timers, and much more. Also, you can customize these pages using the drag-and-drop editor. The landing page builder has the following features:

  • Templates
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • Prebuilt Layouts
  • Visual Composer

2. Custom Scripts & Script Manager

You can use custom scripts to automate your landing page creation process. These scripts help you to build complex landing pages such as multi-page forms, surveys, quizzes, etc. Also, you can use the script manager to install and remove scripts.

3. Mobile Responsive Designs

With mobile responsiveness, you can design your landing page so that it works well on all devices. This means that your visitors do not need to download an app or visit another site to view your landing page.

4. Speed Boosting Tools

This feature makes sure that your landing page loads fast. It does this by optimizing images, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and other files. Also, it compresses them to reduce their size. So, the Unbounce landing page will load faster than others.

5. A/B Testing 

A/B testing lets you compare two versions of a landing page. It helps to see how a given landing page variant performs against the original version. If there is a significant difference between both variants, then you can choose which one to keep. In this way conversion rate increases.

6. Analytics & Conversion Tracking: Real-Time Dashboard

Analytics and conversion tracking enable you to measure the performance of your landing page. It helps you to find out whether your efforts paid off or not. So, if you want to know where your visitors came from, how many people visited your landing page, and what actions were taken after visiting your landing page, then you should use this feature.

Additional Features of Unbounce Classic Builder - You Must Know!

Unbounce is loaded with additional features that will enhance your experience when creating landing pages, convert more leads, sales, and traffic. Here are some of those features that you must know before buying this product.

  • Built-in Google Fonts: Unbounce provides you with over 950+ Google fonts. That’s why you don’t need to worry about finding a suitable font for your landing page.
  • Free Unsplash Images: You can use more than  850,000 free images inside Unbounce. That’s because Unbounce comes with a built-in image library.
  • 100+ Templates: There are 100+ templates that come with Unbounce. That means that you don’t have to spend time searching for a template that matches your needs.
  • Auto Image Optimizer and Embedded Videos: If you want to optimize your images and want to use embedded videos, then Unbounce is the right choice for you. It lets you automatically resize, compress, crop, and add watermarks to your images.
  • Parallax Scrolling & Lightbox Popups: The parallax scrolling feature enables you to create a unique look for your landing page. Also, you can make lightbox popups appear in different parts of your landing page.
  • Popups and Sticky Bar Features: With these features, you can display any type of popup or sticky bar anywhere on your landing page.

So, these are just a few most important features of Unbounce. And it has dozens of other useful features as well.

Unbounce New Features - Conversion Intelligence Platform

Unbounce offers a new feature called “Conversion Intelligence Platform”. It is designed to help marketers improve their marketing campaigns. It also helps to generate more revenue and increase profits.

Here are some of its key features:

1. Unbounce Smart Traffic Features

AI-based smart traffic features let you track and analyze visitor behavior. This feature analyzes faster than a human being. It identifies patterns, trends, and user behaviors. Then, it suggests ways to improve them.

Smart traffic features include:

  • Visitor Attributes: It shows information about your visitors such as location, device, operating system, browser, etc. This is a data science-tested feature that is a high converting feature for leads, and sales.
  • Conversion Mapping: It allows you to map conversions, which landing page variant was used, and the source of traffic.
  • Smart Traffic Reports: It gives you an overview of all the traffic sources, including social media platforms, search engines, email newsletters, etc.
  • Smart Traffic Insights: It helps you understand how visitors interact with your website by showing you what they do on your site, where they go after leaving your site, and what they click on. And learn how to improve conversion rates.

2. Unbounce Smart Copy Features

In this modern technological era, no one wants to waste his time writing copy. So, Unbounce makes sure that you get quality content without having to write anything. It uses AI-powered technology to provide you with quality content. It does so by analyzing your keywords, audience, and competitors. That is why it provides you with relevant content.

Smart Copy Features include:

  • Content Expander: If want to expand pre-written content, then you can use this feature.
  • AI-Based Writer: It writes content based on your keyword list and target audience. Helps you to write long-form articles and its editor will even help you to edit and proofread your article before publishing.
  • 30+ Templates: There are many templates available for you to choose from. These templates are created using AI-based technology. They have been tested and proven effective.
  • 6 Languages & Chrome Extention: Unbounce supports 6 languages and you can easily write in any language. In addition, you can also add a Google Chrome extension and you need to write a line or highlight a pre-written line then the smart copy feature write the next lines or content.

3. Unbounce Smart Builder Features

It is another great feature of Unbounce. Using this feature, you can create beautiful landing pages within minutes. It is AI-based technology that generates highly optimized landing pages. You don’t need to worry about creating a landing page because it has everything you need.

Smart builder helps the marketer in the following way:

  • Optimize page sections and provide a style guide
  • Its design assistant will show you how to optimize your landing page
  • The conversion goals feature helps you to define a goal for each section of your landing page.
  • Moreover, it helps in direct domain publishing, provides SVG images, Google fonts, and other assets.

Unbounce Integrations

Unbounce integrates with various tools to make your life easier. Some of these integrations include:

  • Zappier 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Third-Party Embedding
  • Webhook Integrations
  • Direct Lead Integrations
  • Script Manager
  • Lead Notifications
  • And more

Unbounce Pricing Overview!

The pricing plan of Unbounce depends upon the number of users and the features used. So, How much does Unbounce cost? Here’s the complete breakdown of the pricing plans:

  • Unbounce Launch Plan: This plan costs $90 per month. It includes all basic features.
  • Unbounce OPTIMIZE Plan: This plan costs you $135 per month. It includes advanced features.
  • Unbounce ACCELERATE Plan: This plan costs only $225 per month. It includes both basic and advanced features.

Unbounce Review - Is it Legit?

Now that we know everything about Unbounce, let’s find out if it is legit or a scam. Well, we are going to tell you straight away that Unbounce is not a scam. But there are some things that you should be aware of when using this tool.

Let’s discuss Unbounce pros and cons first. Then we’ll move on to the final verdict.

Unbounce Pros:

  • Easy to Use
  • Great Landing Page Creator
  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Good Support and 5 Worldwide Data Centers
  • AI-based Technology and Automatic SSL Encryption
  • Has A/B Testing Feature
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • No Setup Fees and Two-Factor Authentication Security

Unbounce Cons:

  • Pricey
  • Some users have not recommended it for website building
  • You need to learn and master the platform

Visit Unbounce’s official website to check the latest pricing plans.

Conclusion - The Bottom Line!

Overall, Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders. However, it does come at a price. So, if you do not mind spending money, then go ahead and try it out. Otherwise, stick to free landing page builders. We hope our Unbounce review helped you decide whether or not to buy this product. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started.