Sellvia Review 2022

The trend of becoming a drop shipper has been increasing for the previous years. The increasing trend is primarily attributed to the wide internet availability of the internet, lack of restrictions in initiating it, and stability within this method of e-commerce. All you have to do is find the demanding products, select a trustworthy supplier, and formulate your online store. 

However, finding good quality products and reliable suppliers is a quite hard tedious task. If you are also looking for a trustworthy platform that is capable of considering all these aspects then the answer to all your vows is Sellvia. 

Sellvia is a perfect e-commerce platform for drop shippers. This platform is equally valuable for both new and experienced people dealing in e-commerce. 

If you want to know more about this spectacular e-commerce ecosystem, then let’s get started!

What is Sellvia?

Sellvia is launched as an e-commerce platform that is based in California, United States. The platform was developed by a team of entrepreneurs and software developers having profound experience working in the e-commerce industry. 

The major aim of launching this platform is to assist e-commerce drop shippers so that they can make best out of their online stores. The most charming aspect of considering Sellvia is the feasibility and ease to sell products within the United States as it acts as both an e-commerce platform and supplier for the US market. 

Another auspicious feature is that Sellvia takes to care of the whole dropshipping process ranging from fulfillment to product delivery, thus helping users to only focus on acquiring new customers. The platform intends to offer only those products that are selling widely and trending at that time. 

Are you interested in knowing more about Sellvia?  If yes then what are you waiting for, move forward to learn auspicious features, pricing plans, and reviews of Sellvia.

How does Sellvia work?

Using Sellvia is very simple. Here are the few steps explaining the working of Sellvia:

  • Firstly, you have to access Sellvia’s services by subscribing either to a monthly or yearly plan
  • In the second step, you need to install it across your online store and then import the best seller products within your online store
  • After this, the platform provides you access to ready-to-use products, handy catalog presets, and sales-boosting pages. 
  • Accessing these features will help you to start selling Sellvia products through your online store and orders will be directed to the drop-shipping service automatically. 
  • Once the orders are received then Sellvia processes the orders, packs the items, and delivers them to the doorstep of your customer. 
  • Sellvia also ensures to deliver all products at a faster pace i.e., within 1-3 days only.

Detailed Features Overview of Sellvia

The most auspicious features of Sellvia that make it competitive are discussed below:

1. E-commerce Platform

Sellvia provides you access to a complete e-commerce platform that helps you to launch, host, run, and manage your online store spectacularly.  This is the reason that Sellvia is known as an e-commerce ecosystem. However, you can even use their services without employing their e-commerce platform as it can also work with different e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify. This is because this platform offers you everything you need to run a drop shipping store. 

2. Perfect For Dropshipping Store

Anyone of you choosing this platform will feel stress-free as Sellvia promises to offer done-for-you service free of cost.

Sellvia will set up a store for you according to your niche and requirements even without charging. The only thing you have to do for availing these inspirational services is to subscribe to their plans.

And another good news is that it also offers a 14-days free trial which will enable you to acquaint yourself with its features and decide whether it is your business need or not. Nevertheless, there are 100% chances that you will be willing to subscribe to its monthly or yearly plan even before your trial ends.

3. Variety Of Products And Catalogs

The product catalog is another specialized feature of Sellvia. It offers you products belonging to diverse categories and also provides attractive and money-making deals. The product categories include fashion, festive, family store, auto, health and beauty, gadget, home and garden, kids and babies, hoodies, pets, sports, outdoors, and USA-made products. 

Another interesting part of product catalogs is the reviews of buyers which enables you to understand the functions and worth of products. Moreover, all products also have SEO-friendly titles, products descriptions, and high-quality images. Therefore, once you have subscribed to Sellvia and imported products to your store, then you do not need to worry about anything.

4. Pre-Designed Marketing Campaigns

Another appealing feature of this e-commerce platform is pre-designed marketing materials. This marketing material simplifies the process of creating and setting up marketing campaigns for your online store.

For instance, pre-designed Facebook ads include product texts and images within ads. The only thing you need to do is little editing and launch the ad either on Instagram or Facebook. These pre-designed ads are one of the rare features within drop-shipping solutions as most of the companies only provide access to products they choose to sell, however, Sellvia also provides you ads material for scaling your business apart from accessing the products.

5. Sellvia Plugins

Sellvia also provides a plugin for users intending to integrate Sellvia with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce. The Plugins, therefore, allow you to enjoy the services and features provided by Sellvia without disturbing your online store. The brand is also launching a Sellvia app for its customers using Shopify very soon.

6. Sellvia Logistics

The major reason for considering it an ecosystem is that Sellvia takes to care of all business processes ranging from handling the stocks to fulfilling the orders within the US. The organized process and speedy delivery place a good brand image and enable you to attract more customers.

Moreover, the good logistic services provided by Sellvia will also help drop shippers to retain the customers and preserve their loyalty to the brand.

7. Shopify App Of Sellvia

Sellvia is planning to launch a Shopify app for its users preferring Shopify e-commerce store as compared to WooCommerce and WordPress. This app will be a Shopify version of the Sellvia plugin that will help you to import and fulfill all orders automatically. The app will offer all functions that an app can perform employing Shopify store like quick logistic services. The other features offered by this app will include: 

  • Best vendors’ products
  • US shipping within 1-3 days
  • Good profit-margin
  • Optimal prices as compared to AliExpress
  • Product pages with unique designs

8. Automation Tools

Sellvia also promises to provide an automation tool that will help you to automate some key features of your online business. The most interesting automation is provided while placing orders as every time your client orders a product from your store, Sellvia directs the order to the fulfillment center automatically. For obtaining more information about automation tools offered by Sellvia, you must visit Sellvia.

9. Importing In One- Click

Another lucrative feature of Sellvia is the one-click import facet. This feature enables all of you to import the products to your online store with only one click. By clicking, both product descriptions and images are imported as well. All you need to do is specify the category of product that you want to import to your online store or website. Moreover, there is also no limit on importing products, therefore, you can import as many products as you want with no additional charges.

10. Unique Packaging

Sellvia also packs all products to be shipped in a clean and unique manner without any brochures or labels to avoid indicating their origin. This feature thus eliminates your worries about packaging the products. 

11. Provision Of Refunds And Returns

Sellvia provides simplified refunds and returns process as it is present in the US and it only ship orders across the US. Therefore, managing the orders, and providing refunds or returns is much easier. Thus, Sellvia can be a trustworthy option for selling products across the US. 

12. Fast Shipping Badges

Sellvia also provides the feature of fast shipping badges. It refers to a visual that highlights the estimated shipment time and other shipment details that your customer must know. The options within fast shipping badges: 

  • Activate fast shipping badge: This option helps you to either activate or deactivate the option of fast shipping badge. 
  • Processing time: This option enables you to add the processing time the product will take to reach your customers. 
  • Arrives by: This option will help you to give your customers an estimated date of product delivery. You should consider the weekends and public holidays while giving the estimated date of delivery. 
  • Free: This option is for those users who are offering free product delivery to their customers. 
  • Color settings: This option helps you to make amendments within text and color. 

Sellvia Pricing Plans

Sellvia offers a 14-days free trial service that enables you to understand the software and help to decide the suitability of this software for your online stores. Sellvia offers two types of plans that are discussed below:

  • Monthly Plan

The monthly plan is best suited for those users who have already been working in the e-commerce business and selling products via online stores. The plan charges its users $39 per month and provides the following features: 

  • 14-days free trial
  • Shipping in 1-3 days
  • Refunds and returns
  • Unlimited product imports
  • Unlimited orders from Sellvia
  • Pre-designed marketing materials
  • High-converting product pages
  • Shipment from warehouses in California
  • Yearly Plan

This plan is best for those users who have just started their e-commerce business and do not possess any experience within this field. The Sellvia charges its users $399 per year for this pro plan and offers these features: 

  • All features offered in monthly plan +
  • Free turkey e-commerce store
  • Store Manager for shooting an email
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Domain name
  • Software upgrades
  • Promotional material for Instagram and Facebook
  • SEO and marketing campaigns

Sellvia Reviews

Sellvia possesses a customer rating of 4.9 stars out of 173 reviews, thus highlighting that majority of customers are satisfied with this e-commerce tool. Most of the reviewers have highlighted Sellvia as a reliable vendor, valuable solution, effective supplier, highly recommended app, amazing experience, useful service, and awesome product catalogs. Thus, it is a highly recommended platform by all reviewers and the best part is that it equally values new business people like the experienced ones.

Sellvia Pros and Cons


Some aspects that make Sellvia loveable for all online businesses are: 

  • All products offered by Sellvia are tested, proven, and in-demand products
  • Sellvia also reduces the risks associated with stocking and inventory management
  • Considering this platform helps you to optimize the costs by eliminating the need to negotiate with suppliers directly and taking help from intermediatory like Sellvia
  • Sellvia guarantees you to provide fine quality products at wholesale prices which helps you in building your brand image
  • Moreover, you also do not need to worry about packaging as Sellvia also promises to provide innovative and flawless packaging. Apart from neat packaging, the platform also promises to protect your brand by avoiding any brochures or labeling on the packages 
  • Another unique and auspicious feature provided by this e-commerce platform is a variety of dropshipping courses that are available once you subscribe to the services of Sellvia
  • The platform also promises to provide refunds and returns in case your customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product delivered. 
  • It offers strong marketing support and promises to increase the probability of repeat purchases


Some negative aspects of this platform are: 

  • It does not facilitate worldwide delivery and only supports the delivery of products within the US as it is US-based and only operates in the US
  • It has limited product availability
  • It does not provide access to the suppliers directly, therefore, you are not sure about the product quality
  • Customization in packaging is not available
  • Product description is similar for other users as well
  • In case your customers are not satisfied with the product quality, you can not defend it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to contact Sellvia?

You can contact Sellvia by either emailing them or on the contact form on their website.

Sellvia is best for whom?

Sellvia is the best for dropshippers who want to sell products within the US and are searching for suppliers for automating their business processes

How to cancel the Sellvia subscription? 

You can cancel your subscription anytime by either contacting via email or chatting on their website

Final words

Sellvia is an aspiring option for both new and experienced drop shippers as it not only promises to provide good quality products with fine packaging but also ensures to deliver the products at the earliest. The longer shipment times are the most significant obstacle for most drop shippers. Additionally, the e-commerce platform also offers returns in case your customer is not happy with the delivered product. 

Therefore, anyone of you interested in dropshipping should not give a second thought and consider building your e-commerce ecosystem in collaboration with Sellvia. And you will never regret your decision.