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Is GrooveFunnels Worth the money?

Marketing automation is now more critical than ever. There are dozens of marketing and automation platforms on the internet today. However, not every tool you find online will work for you. GrooveFunnels eliminates the need to integrate third-party applications for complete automation.

This review will help you decide if GrooveFunnels is the right tool for your business. From my experience, GrooveFunnels is the new kid on the automation block. It offers exciting features that you will rarely find on another platform. GrooveFunnel also offers a lifetime plan. This means that you will not have to spend a dime to run successful email marketing, build your sales funnel, or host your courses or video content. And there is so much more you can do with GrooveFunnels.

Read on to discover everything that GrooveFunnels has to offer. But first, this is what you will find in this article:

What is GrooveFunnels? 

GrooveFunnels Overview

GrooveFunnels Apps Review: Key features of GrooveFunnels 

  • GroovePages
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveKart
  • GrooveWebinar
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveDesk
  • GrooveMember
  • GrooveVideo
  • GrooveBlog 
  • GrooveMail

GrooveFunnels Pricing and Plans

The pros and Cons of GrooveFunnels 

GrooveFunnels Alternatives

Who can use the GrooveFunnels platform?

Is GrooveFunnels worth it?

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation software that allows users to build websites, funnels, and landing pages to grow their online business. 

GrooveFunnels provides 15+ marketing tools to manage and grow your online business. It was established in 2020 by the online marketing Guru, Mike Filsaime, and co-founders of Groove Digital. Mike Filsaime was behind the successful online course platform, Kartra and WebinarJam platform, EverWebinar. 


However, most of GrooveFunnels’ in-built tools are still in Beta with regular updates. The platform has so far proven to be an effective tool for online entrepreneurs. 

If you are familiar with tools like ClickFunnels or Active Campaigns, GrooveFunnels is going to be a relief. So, what can GrooveFunnels do for your online business? A lot. GrooveFunnels allows you to:

  • Build responsive websites
  • Create complete sales Funnels
  • Create and manage membership sites 
  • Get started with affiliate marketing
  • Send and track email campaigns
  • Sell products and services

Are you wondering if you can afford to start an online business without a budget? GrooveFunnel offers a free plan that allows access to most of its tools. The lifetime plan is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses to unimaginable levels. 

There is so much that I loved about GrooveFunnels. It is time I tell you all about it in this comprehensive GrooveFunnels review:

GrooveFunnels Overview

I cannot underestimate the benefits of a good and affordable marketing platform. GrooveFunnels now has 550,000+ users, thanks to their free and lifetime plans. It is also beginner-friendly and you do not need coding knowledge to navigate.

Look at the overall performance of the platform in the following aspects:

  • Ease of use
  • GrooveFunnels Integrations 
  • Customer support

Ease of use

I find it easy to navigate GrooveFunnels compared to most platforms. You will access all the features from the simple dashboard. 

Use the navigation buttons on the left to select the tools you want to use. GrooveFunnel’s dashboard presents sales and website analytics by default. Of course, you cannot see any data until you create your funnels or website.

GrooveFunnels also comes with plenty of customizable templates for emails, websites, and landing pages. You do not need coding skills to build responsive sites and 

Besides, GrooveAcademy provides tutorials and training to help newbies to get around the platform. 

Note: Some of the GrooveFunnel Applications, like GrooveKart, have a steep learning curve. You might need to spend some time learning how to get around the app.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate GrooveFunnels at 8.5 in terms of ease of use. 

Value for money

GrooveFunnels currently offers two plans; the Base Plan (free) and the Lifetime Platinum plan. The free plan allows you to access all the applications even though there are limitations. For instance, you can only store up to 500 contacts and send only 5000 emails per month on the Base plan. 

At $1,997, you will have unlimited lifetime access to all GrooveFunnels applications. We will look at the GrooveFunnels payment plans later on in this article. 

Nevertheless, the lifetime plan might seem too expensive, but it is economical. You will no longer have to deal with monthly subscriptions to grow your business. So, yes, Groovefunnels offers good value for money. 

GrooveFunnels Integration

GrooveFunnels is an all-inclusive CRM and automation software. However, if your need to, you can integrate other tools onto your GrooveFunnels account. It allows integration with email marketing platforms like MailChimp and ActiveCampaigns. You can also consolidate G-suite applications including Gmail, Google Sheets, and Spreadsheets.

The most critical GrooveFunnels integration is with Zapier. It allows you to integrate your GrooveFunnels account with over 3000 apps, including payment gateways, HubSpot, and a lot more. 

GrooveFunnels Customer Support

With GrooveFunnels, you will not walk alone. You can reach the GrooveFunnels customer support team via email. GrooveFunnels encourages users to send inquiries when the support team is active;

Monday – Friday 8 AM-6 PM

Saturday – 9 AM – 5 PM

Their support team is happy to answer your questions and guide you through the platform. However, my only concern is that they respond in hours. This can often be very inconvenient when you need urgent help.

In addition, GrooveFunnel features GrooveDigital Academy. You will find tutorials and pieces of training on how to use each one of their application. GrooveDigital Academy also offers live training every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM Eastern time. 

GrooveFunnels also has an active Facebook group with over 40,000 users. The community members are always happy to help. It is my preferred customer support medium as you get answers faster than the other mediums.

Well, now that you have an idea of the benefits of using GrooveFunnels, let’s look at what each app has to offer.

GrooveFunnels Apps Review: Key features of GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels comes with 15+ applications, all combined into a single all-inclusive software. However, some of these applications are still under development and yet to be released. GrooveFunnels hopes to release more apps in 2022. 

I have tested each of these tools and I am happy to share my experience and opinion. Let’s dive in: 


GroovePages is one of the key features of GrooveFunnels CRM and marketing automation tool. It allows you to create responsive websites, landing pages, and complete sales funnels. You can access GroovePages from the GrooveFunnels dashboard to get started. 


Multiple templates

GroovePages allows you to select your business niche before formulating templates. This way, you get access to multiple templates that are tailored to your niche. The Free Plan offers up to 33 templates for various niches. On the other hand, the Lifetime Platinum plan has over 100 templates you can customize. You can also create your pages from scratch using pre-made blocks.

Drag-and-Drop Editor

In addition, the drag-and-drop page builder allows you to customize your selected template. You can add text content, embed videos, add logos and edit the color pallet to suit your brand. Besides, GroovePages provide free custom domain hosting, saving you a few bucks. 


With GroovePages, you can also create pop-ups with actionable Call-To-Action for your visitors. Pop-ups are a great tool to generate high-quality leads and eventually increase your product sales. For instance, you can create a pop-up that shows when a customer exits from a page. It could be a pop-up asking the visitors to submit their email addresses in exchange for a lead magnet. GroovePages also lets you select when to trigger the pop-up. Sometimes it can be when a visitor clicks on a button or when they land on your page for the first time. 

Countdown timer 

GroovePages features a countdown timer and progress bar. Countdown timers are excellent for when you are running a promotion or discount offer on your products. E-commerce stores and online course creators use count-down timers to create a sense of urgency among customers. For example, if you are offering a discount on a product or service, a countdown timer prompts customers to purchase before the offer expires. 

Upsells and Downsells

In addition to all this, you will also be able to create upsells and downsells through GroovePages. The Upsell feature allows you to recommend products that are related to what your customer clicks. Let’s say you are running an online mobile phone store. You can add a phone cover as an upsell since your customer is most likely going to need it. It increases your sales volume. 

On the other hand, adding a downsell allows you to recommend cheaper items when a customer exits the product page without purchasing. 

You can access these and more GroovePages features with a free or lifetime platinum plan. It takes zero coding skills to create a website, landing page, or sales funnel with GroovePages.


GrooveSell is an excellent tool for small businesses and online entrepreneurs. However, I feel like this tool is tailored to sell digital products. GrooveSell also allows users to create and manage their affiliate programs. We will discuss this under GrooveAffiliate. 

The GrooveSell dashboard allows you to switch from a vendor account to an affiliate. You can use the vendor account to see your product sales performance. The affiliate account gives you access to your affiliate earnings and performance. Here, you can also access the Affiliate Marketplace to choose products you want to promote. At the same time, you can manage your affiliate program and access the affiliate marketplace. 

Unlimited checkout forms

In addition, GrooveSell allows you to create unlimited checkout and shopping cart pages in your product funnels. It also enables you to create coupons, and discount offers, just like GroovePages.

Proof Widgets to increase sales

You can also use proof widgets to encourage your customers to buy products. Proof widgets send a notification on the product page to display real-time product purchases. For example, if you are selling a content writing e-book, a proof widget could read; ‘Josh from France just purchased the content writing e-book.’ This widget is meant to trigger visitors to also purchase the product of the subject.

Reporting and Analytics

The GrooveSell reporting and analytics enable you to track your sales performance. You can identify the poorly performing products and the reasons behind them. This way, it will be easier to devise a sales strategy that works for that specific product. You can also track your customer behavior and customize your marketing strategy to increase sales.

GrooveSell Payment

GrooveSell has much more to offer than I can include in this GrooveFunnels review. It also has an extension – GrooveSell payments. GrooveSell Payment eliminates the need for external payment gateways like Stripe or Paypal. Instead, it allows GrooveFunnels to handle your payments.


GrooveKart will help you sell your products to your customers. You will no longer need to use third-party e-commerce platforms when using GrooveFunnels. Whether you are selling your products, Print on Demand, or in the dropshipping business, GrooveKart is an ideal tool for you. 

The application allows you to build new e-commerce stores in just a few clicks. You can access GrooveKart while on the Free or Lifetime platinum plan. The difference is that the free plan only allows you to create a single store while the latter offers unlimited online stores. 

You can access GrooveKart from the GrooveFunnels dashboard or from the navigation buttons to your left. The GrooveKart Studio allows you to create a new store using the drag-and-drop editor. Again, you do not have to know coding to create your online store with GrooveKart.

GrooveKart allows you to create new products and add categories. You can also add other selling variants. For instance, you can add the brand, size, shape, or color of the products. It also allows you to add shipping options information and create a customer support desk. 

I love that GrooveKart provides detailed analytics to measure performance. It lets you track the number of visitors to your online store over a certain period. You can also view the number of new customers, messages, and active carts. GrooveKart also allows you to view the number of abandoned carts. This data will help you create an abandoned carts follow-up strategy to prompt your customers to check out. 

GrooveKart allows you to create a responsive online store that is mobile and desktop optimized. Your customers can also enjoy the 1-click checkout, upsells, and downsells just as with GrooveSell. 

GrooveKart is ideal for people with online stores, for both digital and physical products.


Mike Filsaime has a reputation for creating reliable webinar platforms including WebinarJam and EverWebinar. It is no wonder he and his team have invested heavily in the GrooveWebinar (formerly WebinarGroove). Although it is still in Beta, WebinarGroove allows you to create, schedule, and hold webinars with your audience. It is an ideal application for online course creators, coaches, and SaaS product owners. 

Webinars enhance brand engagement and online visibility. At the same time, a webinar is an opportunity to tell your audience about your product and how it can solve their problems. In addition, it also increased high-quality lead generation. Therefore, having a reliable webinar platform is critical to your success as an online entrepreneur. 

Fortunately, GrooveFunnels offers access to GrooveWebinar on both the free and lifetime platinum plan. So far, the webinar tool allows users to create and upload automated webinars, or what we call evergreen webinars. 

However, we can anticipate the release of live webinars, streaming live webinars for social media, and meetings feature soon. The live webinar feature will allow you to air live events without hustle. Upon full release of GrooveWebinar, you will also be able to stream live webinars on social media platforms. Lastly, the meeting feature will allow users to hold online meetings. Online creators can finally hold those insightful one-on-one meetings with their students. 

I love that GrooveWebinar comes with pre-built templates. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customize your webinar to fit your brand needs. You can also add your logo to prove content ownership rights. 

How to use the GrooveWebinar app

So, how do you create a webinar on GrooveWebinar? It is a simple process that starts with webinar registration. Find GrooveWebinar from the navigation bar on your left. It will take you to the dashboard where you will select the “New Webinar” option at the right top. You will notice that you can only create automated webinars and proceed to the next step. Enter your webinar name and details and proceed to customize your uploaded video. 

GrooveWebinar allows you to add presenters when you have a joint webinar. You can also schedule your webinar to take place once or at recurring intervals. GrooveWebinar improves your overall engagement through the featured comments and polls feature. 

Lastly, GrooveWebinar also comes with a reporting and analytics feature. You can view the number of registered attendees, live attendees, and replay attendees. 

I enjoyed creating trial webinars using GrooveWebinar. However, I still have my reservations especially about customizing the templates. The application allows you to edit the themes but it restricts you from deleting blocks you don’t need. At the same time, I love that GrooveWebinar allows you to:

  • Create upsells
  • Use countdown timers
  • Send email notification
  • Attach Files
  • Use the live-chat feature on webinars

Well, I cannot wait to try the live webinars, streaming live on social media, and the meeting features on GrooveWebinar. Watch out for the next update which is set to happen in February 2022.


Affiliate marketing is now more popular than ever. Earlier on, I mentioned that GrooveFunnels features an affiliate management tool. GrooveAffiliate gives you access to the Affiliate Marketplace and allows you to run affiliate programs for your products. 

You can use GrooveAffiliate as a product vendor or as an affiliate. Affiliate marketers can find products to promote in the Affiliate Marketplace to earn a commission. You can peruse through the marketplace and find products to promote based on your niche. 

On the other hand, the vendor account lets you manage affiliate payments and monitor your affiliate program performance. The analytics and reporting feature displays your transactions and revenue data. 

And what’s more? GrooveAffiliate does not incur any transaction fees on both ends. In addition, GrooveAffiliate allows vendors to run affiliate programs where an affiliate gets paid after meeting a certain sales volume. 

The affiliate marketing platform is easy to use. However, GrooveDigital Academy offers a comprehensive tutorial on GrooveAffiliates. You can also contact GrooveFunnels customer support if you have more questions regarding the platform.


GrooveDesk is a GrooveFunnels application that allows you to offer excellent customer support. We all know how critical customer service is for online businesses. You will no longer need to integrate your sales platform with third-party applications such as ZenDesk.

GrooveDesk is still under development but I anticipate that it’s going to be an awesome app. The developers project that it will offer multiple channels to deliver customer support for online businesses. These could include support email and live chat options. 

Besides, GrooveDesk will also allow customers to leave feedback on their experience. This feedback will enable you to improve your customer support delivery. GrooveDesk is yet to be released to the public.


Are you looking for a reliable platform to host your membership sites? GrooveMember is an excellent CMS tool for online course creators and coaches to monetize their content. A membership site is a locked website that requires users to sign-up and pay to access the content. It can be a one-time or recurring subscription.

The GrooveMember app offers professional templates for you to create membership sites. These templates are also customizable; you can add color, change font size, and even upload video content. 

GrooveMember also comes with a built-in analytics and reporting tool. The application is available on the GrooveFunnels navigation bar on the left. You can create a new membership site using GrooveMember in minutes. 

In addition, you can create membership sites on different levels using GrooveMember. It allows content dripping, which is often an excellent strategy for online course creators. For example, you can release your course content to be available in modules intervals. 

However, I still have my reservations about GrooveMember. It still doesn’t award certification or gamification. However, these are some of the features that we are going to enjoy later on following the expected updates. GrooveMember is still in Beta mode.

GrooveDigital Academy offers a comprehensive tutorial on how to use GrooveMember.


GrooveFunnels also offers a video hosting platform, GrooveVideo. This tool allows you to upload, edit and post your video content on landing pages. With the free plan, you can upload up to 15 videos. The Lifetime Platinum plan allows you to upload unlimited videos to meet your video marketing needs. 

GrooveVideo eliminates the need for hosting platforms like Wistia or Vimeo. You can customize your videos to change the frame ratio or mode. Besides, GrooveVideo also allows you to select a thumbnail for your video content. 

It also allows you to engage with your audience through the tag feature. This feature is an excellent tool to follow up with those who didn’t watch the full video. For instance, you can always send them a follow-up email to increase engagement. 

GrooveVideo enables you to brand your videos by adding a logo or using your brand theme colors. You will not have to worry about ownership and copyright issues. 

In addition, the GrooveVideo dashboard allows you to explore the following: 

  • Your video library
  • Add your videos to categories
  • 100GB storage for the Lifetime Platinum plan users
  • Analytic reports

Besides, you can embed your video content on your landing pages and sales funnel with GrooveVideo. The app allows you to add music, text overlays, banner layers, watermarks, and opt-in forms for membership sites. 

Groovideo allows you to add CTA buttons to capture leads. However, I didn’t think that the GrooveVideo analytic tool was as insightful as I expected. GrooveVideo is a great video hosting platform. Once again, you can learn more about the application from GrooveDigital Academy.


This is one of the most recent applications from GrooveFunnels. GrooveBlog eliminates the need for external WordPress sites for online businesses. It has an easy-to-use interface with multiple templates to create beautiful blog websites. 

And what’s more? I like that you do not have to pay extra for the domain name of your blog. On the GrooveBlog dashboard, click on the ‘create new site’ button to get started. Once you fill in the domain name and the subdomain, GrooveBlog will generate a template for your site. It allows you to generate templates based on your business niche. 

GrooveBlog templates are responsive. You can customize the template by adding text, a logo, changing theme colors and so much more. 

Now, if there is one thing to love about GrooveBlog, you don’t need plugins. This makes your website a lot faster than sites with plugins. With GrooveBlog, there is no need for manual updates as with WordPress. In addition, this app offers exquisite SEO tools to help you rank higher on search engines. 

GrooveBlog is a powerful tool for lead capturing and engagement. And GrooveFunnels allows you to create unlimited blogs for lifetime platinum plan users. GrooveBlog is going to be a great tool for businesses to generate organic traffic to their websites.

I do love that GrooveFunnels will become a one-stop platform for online businesses. However, my only concern about GrooveBlog is the lack of plugins. This limits users from accessing third-party SEO tools.


Email marketing is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. GrooveFunnels offers an email marketing platform for both free and paid plans. In addition, it comes with a complete tutorial that you can access from GrooveDigital Academy. 

GrooveMail allows users on the free plan to store up to 500 contacts. You can also send up to 5,000 emails each month. On the other hand, GrooveMail stores up to 25,000 contacts, and you can send unlimited emails. You can also integrate GrooveMail with GrooveSella, especially if you are running an e-commerce store. 

GrooveMail also offers templates for your email campaigns. You can also opt to create your campaigns from scratch using GrooveMail. You no longer need third-party tools to prepare your email sequence and newsletters. And it also allows you to set up email auto-responders. You can also create tailored email campaigns through the IF/THEN rule. 

In addition, GrooveMail comes with an in-built analytics tool to monitor your campaigns. This is one GrooveMail feature that I find insightful. You can track your campaigns based on varying key performance indicators. These could include open rates, click-through rates, and campaign engagement. Using the data from analytics, you can create campaigns that are tailored to your audience. 

The CRM feature enables you to segment your audience for easy campaign management. Mike Filsaime claims that the application is going to be among the best email platforms today. Besides, you won’t need to pay extra money to access any of the GrooveFunnels features. The SaaS company hopes to roll out an SMS messages platform in future updates. 

GrooveMail resembles ActiveCampaigns, except that it is cheaper. With a Lifetime plan, you access GrooveMail and all the GrooveFunnels apps. We can anticipate better performance as GrooveFunnels continues to develop these apps.

GrooveFunnels Apps to look forward to:

GrooveFunnels is currently in beta. However, these are some of the apps we can anticipate making GrooveFunnels even better: 

  • GrooveCalendar
  • GrooveQuiz
  • GrooveSurvey
  • GroovePipe CRM
  • GrooveSDK 

GrooveFunnels Pricing and Plans

GrooveFunnels has two plans at the moment;

  • Free plan 
  • Lifetime Platinum plan

We will talk about the Lifetime platinum plan costs $1997. With this plan, you will never need to pay any subscription or for any other third-party apps. I know the price tag can be a little on the high side for small business owners. However, GrooveFunnels has divided the Lifetime Platinum plan into 2: 

  • 3 months payment plan at $699
  • 2 months payment plan at $999
  • One-time payment plan at $1997

In addition to these plans, GrooveFunnels is going to adjust its pricing. The company is also set to launch monthly plans at $299 per month for the lifetime plan. The silver plan will cost $97 per month. 

GrooveFunnels offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not pleased with their services. 

These pricing plans may increase in the future as GrooveFunnels rolls out new features.

Why GrooveFunnels?

Of course, there are multiple CRM and marketing automation platforms on the internet. But not many of them have so much to offer from the same dashboard. In most cases, you will have to use multiple platforms for marketing automation. Let’s look at the benefits and the reasons to choose GrooveFunnels.

The pros of GrooveFunnels

  • GrooveFunnels offers an excellent page and email builders
  • Easy to use interface for all applications
  • Has a free plan
  • It is a comprehensive CRM and marketing tool
  • GrooveFunnels are always working to improve service delivery
  • Plenty of learning material on GrooveDigital Academy
  • It offers a lifetime plan with 2 installment plans
  • Reliable customer support and Facebook community

 The cons of GrooveFunnels

  • GrooveFunnels has a steep learning curve since it has over 17 applications
  • Some of the apps are still in beta which means you might encounter bugs now and then
  • GrooveFunnels does not allow users to import funnels from other platforms
  • Can be pricey for small business owners
  • Customer support can take hours to respond

GrooveFunnels Alternatives

Having used other marketing and automation platforms, GrooveFunnels offers a combination of tools to perfect the sales process. However, it can be costly or maybe you do not need all of these applications to manage your business. Here is a list of the top 5 GrooveFunnels alternatives:

ClickFunnels – Excellent for landing pages and SalesFunnel and is comparable to GroovePages

ActiveCampaigns/MailChimp – Compares to GrooveMail for email marketing 

Kartra – Compares to GrooveMember for membership sites and online courses

Unbounce – Compares to GrooveMail but with better analytics and A/B testing capabilities

Vimeo– Compares to GrooveVideo and delivers excellent video hosting and analytics.

Who can use GrooveFunnels?

Before you can rush and signup for GrooveFunnels, ensure that it is the right platform for you. Well, given that it costs $2,000, who should use GrooveFunnels:

  1. E-commerce Businesses
  2. Affiliate Marketers
  3. Digital Marketing Agencies
  4. Online Course Creators/Coaches
  5. Online startups

Well, if you still think that GrooveFunnels is the platform for you, recommend that you sign up now. It will allow you to take your marketing efforts to the next level without spending extra money.

Is GrooveFunnels worth it?

GrooveFunnels is one of the newest marketing automation platforms on the internet. The software goes for close to $2000 for a lifetime plan. But is it worth all that money? Here is a list of what I liked about the platform and what I didn’t like:

What I liked about GrooveFunnels

  • GrooveDigital Academy – For complete tutorials on how to use GrooveFunnels
  • The Facebook Group is an active and helpful community
  • You can run and manage your online business from the same dashboard
  • It allows you to start a business with the Free plan
  • Since everything is in the same place, GrooveFunnels is one of the most secure marketing automation platforms
  • Integrates with Zapier to give access to different third-party apps. 
  • The platform is always improving following the regular updates. 

What I didn’t like about GrooveFunnels

  • The applications are still in beta. The occasional errors are not pleasant to deal with
  • Lacks WordPress plugins and therefore limits the use of advanced SEO techniques
  • The Lifetime Platinum plan is quite expensive but watch out for the new pricing plans in February 2022
  • The support team does not exactly respond to inquiries immediately
  • No domain hosting


All-in-all, GrooveFunnels is an exciting platform for online entrepreneurs. If you are unsure if you want to sign-up for the CRM and marketing automation tool, you can always start with the Free plan.