Cloudways Hosting Review

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Cloudways is a cloud hosting company that links cloud hosting providers to users. The platform aims at providing cloud hosting services for small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2011, Cloudways Company has been working to improve its services for customer satisfaction.

Cloudways hosting platform does not own any servers. Instead, you will assign your website to your preferred data center across the world. It is also a managed hosting service. Thus, users don’t require technical skills to set up their servers.

In this review, I will highlight some of the top features of Cloudways hosting provider. By the end of this article, you will tell if Cloudways is a good option for your business or not. After all, an excellent hosting platform must meet your business needs.

Is Cloudways a good cloud hosting platform?

Cloud hosting means that a website uses various servers to increase uptime and load speed. Cloudways has different servers across the globe. It makes the hosting platform reliable and secure. If one server is down, your website will connect to another server. With Cloudways, your site will always be available.

Besides, the Cloudways hosting platform is a managed hosting service provider. You do not need technical skills to set up a website using Cloudways cloud hosting.

I also like Cloudways because it allows you to migrate an existing website to a new site. Cloudways hosting platform offers free WordPress migration. Thus, you do not need to worry about losing your data.

Cloudways hosting platform also has a reliable customer support system. Their customer care team is friendly and eager to guide you through the setup process. You can reach the Cloudways support team through phone, email, live chat, or the Cloudways bot.

Besides, Cloudways has invested in a resource center, the KnowledgeBase. You will find an answer to almost all your questions about the hosting platform.

I think that Cloudways does offer good value for money. Their pricing strategy, Pay-as-you-Go plans, allows you to choose only the features that you need

Cloudways Key features

These are some of the Cloudways features that make this service stand out. Let’s now dive in to outline the aspects of the Cloudways cloud hosting platform. They include:

  •         Performance
  •         User interface
  •         Detailed Website monitoring
  •         Security
  •         Vertical Scaling
  •         Team management
  •         Add-ons/Integrations
  •         Customer Support
  •         Pricing


When we are looking for cloud hosting providers, we want to improve our website performance. Cloudways hosting platform focuses on improving your website speed and overall performance. After all, you have an entire dedicated server to yourself.

Cloudways Company is constantly improving its cloud hosting service. Their serves are up to date, including PHP 7 ready.

When using the shared hosting option, your website can crash over a slight surge in traffic. But with the Cloudways dedicated servers, your website will not crash. The Auto-healing Restart feature will resolve any arising issues within the server.

Other integrations such as Apache, Nginx, and Varnish will also improve your database performance. You can take advantage of free plugins like the Breeze WordPress Cache plugin or the free Magneto full page cache to improve your site performance. It also allows you to clone and restore your server settings if you want to downgrade your site.

Cloudways is an excellent cloud hosting platform if you want secure hosting with enhanced performance.

User Interface

Cloudways has an impressive user interface for both beginner and experienced users. Some features are suited for people with cloud hosting experience. Nevertheless, you will find out everything about Cloudways from their knowledgebase resource center.

Once you click the signup button, Cloudways will ask for your details. They will send a confirmation email when you submit your signup details. You must confirm your email before you start setting up your website.

It will take a few clicks to set up your website. Note that Cloudways allows a 3-day free trial without asking for your credit card details. Upon signup, you will find the Cloudways custom control panel on the dashboard.

At this point, you can launch the hosting provider from your dashboard. Cloudways offers services from 5 reputable cloud hosting providers. These are:

  •         DigitalOcean
  •         Vultr
  •         Linode
  •         Amazon Web Services
  •         Google Cloud platform

Choose your preferred provider and click the “Launch Now” button. Shortly after, you can see your selected server specifications and other details. 

You can also navigate the Cloudways dashboard and settings.

I will outline various settings to help you set up your website through Cloudways hosting platform.

Detailed website monitoring

Cloudways cloud hosting ensures that you can keep track of your website. Since it is a managed platform, users can rest assured that their site is on 24/7 monitoring. Cloudways also allows you to measure your site performance using 16 metrics.

You can also activate the New Relic integration to get detailed website and app analytics. This way, you can identify any issues in real-time.

Besides, the Cloudways bot will send alerts and real-time data to monitor site and apps performance.


One of the advantages of using cloud hosting is security. Cloud hosting means that you are in a dedicated and managed environment. Upon signup, you should install a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with one click. This certificate fulfills the HTTPS qualifications to enhance website security.

Cloudways also ensures your account safety through the Two-Factor-Authentication feature. It keeps your data safe from hackers and intruders.

Cloudways also allows integration with security plugins, especially for WordPress users. This will facilitate enhanced security.

Besides, Cloudways hosting service offers dedicated Firewall protection. The firewall protection will detect and block malicious visitors from accessing your server.

Vertical scaling

Cloud hosting is the best option for scaling businesses. Not only does it offer improved performance and security, but it also allows you to scale your server to meet your needs. You can upgrade or downgrade your server size depending on your selected hosting provider.

All the hosting providers will allow you to upgrade your server size. However, DigitalOcean and Vultr will not support server downgrade. But this should not be a problem since you will need a server upgrade more than a server downgrade.

The Google Cloud Platform and the Amazon Web Services allow you to downgrade your website. You can increase the RAM, SSD disk, or the core processor size from the Control panel, depending on your business needs.

Team Management

Cloudways offers both task and team management through app integrations. The Cron Job tool allows you to schedule website tasks. Cloudways is an excellent platform if you have a lot of websites that need project management.

You can create a to-do list and assign tasks to your team members from the same dashboard. Besides, one team member can join other teams within the Cloudways account. You have the control to allow or restrict access to your servers.

WordPress users can migrate their sites for free WordPress Migrator.

You can use other integrations such as Slack to help with team management.


Cloudways allows a wide range of app integrations to improve performance and offer value. For example, you can integrate your Cloudways account with Slack for team management. The Cloudways Bot should guide you through this process.

Besides, when using Cloudways hosting, you can develop your applications. You can later integrate them with your hosting platform to get insights and manage your Apps and websites. This is all thanks to the Cloudways API integration feature.

If you have an existing WordPress website, you can integrate the Free WordPress migrator tool. It lets you move your old site to the one you are launching without hassle. You can also link your Cloudways hosting account with other apps and plugins when migrating a non-WordPress website.

You can integrate your Cloudways account with other content management systems, including Drupal and Joomla.9

Cloudways allows multiple integrations that will help you customize and optimize your website. Other popular Cloudways integrations may include SMTP add-on, RankSpace Email integration, and Cloudways Support add-ons.

Cloudways offers up to 6 integrations:

  •         DNS made Easy
  •         Elastic Email
  •         App migration
  •         App upgrade
  •         CloudwaysCDN
  •         Cloudways Support Add-ons

Customer Support

Cloudways hosting platform offers excellent customer support services to all users. They are available 24/7, regardless of public holidays. This means that you do not have to worry about any issues. Besides, they offer multiple channels for customer care services.

If you have trouble setting up your Cloudways account, you can reach them via phone, email, or the live chat option. Besides, the Cloudways Bot will guide you to access the resource center. Here, you will find plenty of articles and other helpful content.

If you are experiencing any problem using the hosting platform, a customer care representative will issue an online ticket. This allows them enough time to resolve your issue while giving you an update regularly.

Cloudways customer support reps are friendly and always willing to help. If you miss the technical skills to deploy integrations and other server configurations, they will do it for you. You can also access the Cloudways private Slack channel when using their Premium plans.

Individuals using the Premium plans get faster responses on their issues, usually within ten minutes. Additionally, the Cloudways bot will update you on your site performance and troubleshooting.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways hosting platform does not have fixed pricing on their plans. Instead, they will bill you for the resources you use. It is a standard criterion for managed cloud hosting providers. But, it can be expensive since you pay for your web hosting from a third-party.

You must choose your preferred hosting provider when signing up with Cloudways. Beginners can start with the DigitalOcean or Vultr hosting providers. These services are relatively cheaper than the Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.

Different hosting providers will also offer other plans. Be careful to choose a plan that will meet your needs without being too expensive. Below is an outline of the pricing plans for the five hosting providers that Cloudways offers:


DigitalOceans hosting providers have recently modified their pricing plans. Their current pricing plans range from $5/month to $96/month for a 1GB server. However, DigitalOceans has unique pricing criteria that depend reasonably on the type of CPU you select.

Users who prefer Regular Intel CPU with NVme SSD disk will pay the lowest amounts. Most people signup for the Premium Intel plan that costs up to $96/month. These prices may vary depending on the memory and storage space you need.  


Linodes is a reasonably cheap offering plan from $12/month to $89/month. They provide 1GB-4GB RAM CPU servers with 20GB-96GB storage space. Linodes also offers a transmission capacity of 1TB-4TB. The most popular plan is the $50/month plan, offering up to 4GB 2 core processors and 80Gb for storage. This plan offers up to 4TB bandwidth.


Vultr plans begin at $11/month for a 1GB server. The highest-priced plan for Vultr goes for $80/month with 4GB processor and 100GB for storage. Vultr offers up to 4TB bandwidth.

The most preferred Vultr plan goes for $44/month, offering 4GB RAM and 80GB for storage. This plan also provides two core processors and up to 3TB bandwidth.

Amazon Web Services Pricing (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is one of the most expensive cloud hosting platforms offered by Cloudways. Their cheapest package is $85.17/ month, and the top-priced plan goes for $272/month.

AWS hosting provides a memory range between 3.75GB-15GB RAM. All plans will offer 20GB storage space with 1GB-4GB CPU.

Most people prefer the $87.77/month plan with 3.75GB RAM and 2GB bandwidth.

AWS cloud hosting services are suitable for a growing business.

Google Computing Engine (Google Cloud)

Google Compute Engine plans start at $73.62/month with a 3.75GB-16GB RAM. All plans offer 20GB storage capacity and 2GB bandwidth. The most popular Google cloud hosting plan is the $76.62/month plan.

Cloudways Plans

It is tempting to sign up with these cloud hosting providers directly. But, it can be a steep learning curve before you learn to manage your site. This is where the Cloudways hosting platform comes in. It acts as an intermediate between you and the cloud hosting provider.

Cloudways will cost you a little bit more, but it is a managed hosting service. They will monitor and manage your website or application at all times. Cloudways takes care of the technical details, and you can easily set up your site with a few clicks.

Let’s look at the Cloudways pricing plans. Remember, Cloudways uses the Pay-as-you-go strategy to compute your bill. I like this strategy because it means that you only pay for the services you need.

Cloudways hosting pricing also depends on the hosting provider you select. For example, DigitalOceans is $10/month for the starter plan and up to $80/month. Cloudways also restricts its free trial for people who wish to use the Google Compute Engine to host their sites.

Pros and Cons of Cloudways cloud hosting platform

Pros of Cloudways hosting platform

–          Cloudways is a beginner-friendly cloud hosting platform.

–          The platform provides an excellent customer support system

–          You can scale your server as your business grows

–          Cloudways hosted sites have high performance and

–          Provides value for money since you pay for the resources you choose to use

–          Offers free WordPress migration

–          You can choose from up to 5 hosting providers options

–          Cloudways offers a free SSL certificate, even for the free trial

–          It does not limit the number of sites you can build and manage

Cons of Cloudways hosting platform

–          The cloud hosting platform lacks definitive pricing strategies

–          You need basic technical skills knowledge to set up your account

–          Cloudways does not host emails and lacks the file manager since it lacks a Cpanel

–          It does not support domain registration

Why choose Cloudways cloud hosting platform?

If you are thinking of changing from shared hosting to cloud hosting, Cloudways is an excellent choice. It allows you to migrate your WordPress website free of charge. Cloud hosting is best suited for a scaling business with growing traffic. You can always upgrade your site as your business grows.

Some of the reasons to consider Cloudways cloud-hosting service include:

–          Ease of use

–          Good value for money

–          Cloudways is a reliable hosting service

–          Responsive 24/7 customer service

–          You only pay for the services you use

Final thoughts

While I have not used all the managed cloud hosting platforms, Cloudways is an excellent choice. You do not need to be a developer to build your site on Cloudways. What’s even more exciting is the reliable customer support. The customer support team will guide you through the technical stuff you may not be familiar with.

Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the pay-as-you-go strategy. It does not require a considerable budget to get started with Cloudways cloud hosting service.

The Cloudways custom panel is easy to use and supports one-click add-ons to enhance performance. Overall, Cloudways is among the best cloud-hosting service in the market right now. You can build or migrate your existing site with a few clicks.

The Service also monitors your website at all times. The Cloudways bot will alert you of any issues or troubleshooting for your site. You can always count on their customer support team to respond to your queries. However, Premium plan users are prioritized to those using basic plans.

If you want cheap managed cloud hosting services for your scaling business, Cloudways is a suitable platform for you.